We keep you safe by insuring all deposits against smart contract vulnerabilities.

Actively Researched

We audit, test, & monitor all financial services so you don't have to.

Only Audited Projects

Only high-quality, audited projects are rated and added to the platform.

Easy Deposits

Depositing in DeFi is easier and provides better returns than your bank.

Track Positions

Track your earnings, reinvest gains, and stake to shield mine for others.

Built with the very best in DeFi

How it Works

Protekt wraps common Aave and Compound tokens & provides built in coverage from smart contract failures with fees paid by extracting some basis points from the yield. It's that simple.

Safe & Secure

Earn yield on your stablecoins without risking a hack or vulnerability

Get easy coverage

No need to pay gas fees for coverage or navigate to a separate site

Frequently Asked Questions

What DeFi protocols are supported?

Compound and Aave are the two protocols that are supported at launch. Both projects provide token lending services and currently have the best liquidity in the ecosystem. Protekt will add other protocols in the future but commits to only support the very best, most secure, and highly rated projects and smart contracts.

How does Shield Mining work?

Shield mining allows users to stake capital on protocols they believe are safe and earn a return on their deposit. For example, shield miners can stake to protect the DAI market on Compound and earn 2-10% APR on that capital, which can also be reinvested. Different pools (or tranches) of risk/rewards are available to suit different risk appetites.

How much does insurance coverage cost?

The cost of coverage is extracted from the yield of the underlying protocol, rather than actively purchased for a set period of time. Coverage is active from your first deposit, til your final withdrawal, and fees are taken block-by-block. The cost is several basis points depending on the coverage amount and Protocol Risk Rating for the underlying service.

Do you have a protocol token?

Protekt Protocol will have a goverance and cash-flow token (PTK), but the token has not been launched yet. More details on the PTK token can be found here. Follow along on Telegram and Twitter for the latest.

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